Why Pay Per Call Marketing is Better Than Traditional Marketing

Delivering Local Leads Directly to Your Phone

Pay a Flat Fee for Each Call - No Contracts, No Commitments

One of the most innovative strategies businesses are using to increase their marketing potential is called pay per call. This term simply describes the practice of a business engaging a pay per lead agency to use online lead generation marketing techniques to encourage potential customers to call the business regarding their products. The business only pays for valid customer phone calls. The best thing about pay per call marketing is the risk of marketing is shifted away from the business and onto the agency. The end result is the business receives inbound, quality, and valid phone leads for a flat rate and is able to grow their business in a predictable and scalable way!

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

Pay per call marketing has become increasingly popular due to the skyrocketing use and performance of smart phones. Potential customers browsing websites for products can now see a direct phone number to instantly call to a business who supplies the exact products they are considering buying.

For example, if a potential customer is in the market for a new refrigerator then chances are they’re using their smartphone to read about the latest models on the market. Now, an appliance company selling refrigerators has opted into a pay per call marketing program and their business phone number will be displayed in the form of an advertisement on the websites that the potential customer is browsing. The customer may then click on the advertisement and be connected with the appliance vendor’s phone number instantly.

The pay per lead agency who markets the appliance company’s phone number receives a small fee on each valid lead, depending on the specific terms of the marketing agreement that determines what is considered a “valid lead”. A few common factors that need to be met before a lead turns into a “valid lead”:

  • Duration: usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This gives the business enough time to determine if an inbound phone call is a real lead. Telemarketers, spam calls, etc are filtered out quickly so that the call duration is less than the threshold which means the business won’t get billed for that lead.
  • Geography: You get to determine which areas they want to receive calls from.

  • Business hours: You can set the business hours for when you want to receive calls. 24 hour availability is possible for businesses that can receive calls all day!


Benefits of Pay Per Call Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

When entering into a successful pay per call marketing program every party involved will ultimately benefit. The business utilizing the pay per call program will benefit from an increase in quality leads, which comes in the form of inbound phone calls from interested customers. The customer benefits from having easy access to a business who provides the products they are looking for, and the advertiser is motivated to send these customers to the business so that they receive a commission. The pay per lead agency is happy because they’re never put in the position of having to explain why they blew their client’s marketing budget without anything to show for it.

Pay per call marketing can offer your business a number of benefits when compared to traditional marketing strategies including:

    • Gain More Potential From Leads: Other marketing programs, such as pay per click, often come with a low conversion rate. Pay per call, however, can supply superior sales opportunities because it puts a prospective customer who is already interested in your products directly in touch with your business on the phone. This is a far more successful strategy than traditional, more random advertising methods.
    • Increased Conversion Rates: The customer has already taken the action of making a phone call to you, which gives your customer service reps or sales team a much better chance of converting each interaction into a sale.
    • Superior Return on Investment (ROI): When marketers drive potential customers directly to your phone number you’ll see a bigger return in the form of sales and quality leads than you would with traditional marketing avenues. Because customers will already be engaged with your sales reps, you have the instant ability to convert each interaction into a sale or long-term lead.
  •  Predictable Results: With traditional marketing, it is often difficult for businesses to gauge how effective their campaigns are. There are hundreds of factors that can determine a marketing campaigns results. With pay per call marketing, you take out all the cost and risk of testing marketing plans and only pay a flat rate for what matters – real valid leads.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Pay Per Call Marketing

If your business isn’t utilizing pay per call marketing, then you could be missing out on a very powerful form of marketing and an additional revenue stream. Adding a pay per call marketing channel to your overall business strategy can create more reliable sales conversion opportunities over the phone. This type of marketing is a very exciting alternative to traditional marketing companies that charge a flat monthly rate and no guaranteed leads. Take the risk out of marketing, with pay per call businesses only pay for results. Another great benefit of inbound call generation is since the customers who will be calling your business are already in the market for your goods or services, there is a higher chance of them converting into a sale. All you’ve got to do is answer the phone.

Instead of simply displaying your company’s phone number randomly online or in print marketing, hoping that customers interested in your products will find you, pay per call marketing targets people who have displayed interest in and are actively looking for your products. When those potential customers make the choice to call your phone number, they are already a warm lead on their way to being converted into a quality sale. This fact makes pay per call marketing an innovative, powerful form of advertising that has the potential to greatly increase your company’s revenue and return on your marketing investment with little risk. If you don’t get leads, you don’t pay. Don’t pay for empty promises. Pay only for results!

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