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Pay for actual bail bonds leads, not clicks and impressions.

Be Seen First by Bail Bond Prospects Who Need Help Right Now

In an urgent industry like bail bonds, being seen first is paramount. Clients will usually do minimal research on bail bond companies and simply pick the first one that they see. In the world of online advertising, making sure your advertisement is seen before any other advertisements is usually a costly endeavour that requires excessively high ad spend and often results in a low ROI.

Performance advertising is a straightforward way to make sure that your company is seen first, but without the enormous advertising costs. Instead of running the advertisements yourself, we run them for you. In that regard, is similar to a traditional online advertising agency. However, there is one key difference. Because we are so confident in our ability to run successful online advertising campaigns, we bill your company only for inbound phone calls and qualified leads we generate for you. Your company may set its maximum bid and other criteria in order to receive inbound phone calls and leads from online bail bond prospects in a way that makes sense for your budget, call capacity, and more.

Pay a Flat Fee for Each Call or Lead

No Hidden Costs

Performance Based Client Acquisition For Bail Bonds

More Leads Equals More Customers


We find prospects online who need to secure a bail bond immediately and send them your way. You just close the deal.

Integrated Localization

Specify days and hours to receive inbound phone calls and leads with the option to restrict leads by geographic locatiton and intent.

Real Leads

Honest and compliant ad campaigns from us means real prospects delivered directly to your sales staff.

No Contracts

No monthly retainers or commitments. We are proud to earn your business each and every day.

Pay Only For Results

No fees. Only pay for qualified phone calls or valid leads that meet your defined criteria.

Complete Control

Set your price per lead or call and define your daily lead volume capacity for total control of your budget.

Quick Customization

Flexible campaign settings lets you adjust your project details on the fly.

Dedicated Support

Team of expert representatives on call to help you understand and make the most of our platform.

About the Platform is a leader in the performance marketing space and our robust online platform allows your company to precisely control how, when, and where you receive leads.

  • Pay a flat rate only for valid calls or leads.
  • Pay only for calls and leads that meet strict filters.
  • Hyper targeting allows you to choose the areas your lead or call comes from.
  • Set your business hours and days to receive phone calls and leads.
  • Choose how many leads or calls you want per day.
  • Full featured dashboard with 360 view of your campaigns.
  • Dedicated account managers on call to help exceed your ROI targets.

There are no minimums or commitments required to work with Our only goal is to provide you with a new stream of inbound bail bond leads in a way that is tailored specifically to your budget and goals. Contact us today to learn more and start receiving new inbound calls and leads for your agency.

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