Inbound Calls From People Looking for a DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney

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DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney Growth Solutions


Online advertising costs for DUI and criminal attorneys are some of the highest in the world due to the fierce competition and high value per client. Without a sound strategy, a law office may find themselves spending exorbitant amounts on online ads without seeing an acceptable ROI, even if the advertisements do result in some new clients.

Pay-per-call advertising allows attorneys and law offices to tap into the high potential of online advertising without needing to fight the competition for visibility. Instead of purchasing your own online ads, we run the ads ourselves, and bill your company only when we are able to generate a qualified inbound phone call that meets your set criteria. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we do not bill you for anything other than the inbound phone call, which allows your company to easily control costs and establish an acceptable ROI.

Pay-per-call is a straightforward alternative to traditional online advertising that can assist your office in growing its client base without the uncertainty and potential fallout of traditional online advertising. Receive as many or as few calls per day as is appropriate for your organization.

The Better Online Advertising Solution for DUI & Criminal Attorneys

More Leads Equals More Customers


We find DUI and criminal attorney prospects who need your immediate help. You just answer the phone.

Real Leads

Honest and compliant ad campaigns from us means real prospects on the other end of the line.

Integrated Localization

Specify days and hours to receive inbound phone calls with the option to restrict calls by city and town.

Complete Control

Set your bid per call and minimum call duration threshold to easily control costs.

Pay For Results

No hidden fees. Only pay for qualified phone calls that meet your set criteria.

No Contracts

No monthly retainers or commitments. We are proud to earn your business each and every day.

Simple Customization

Flexible campaign settings lets you adjust your project details on the fly.

Dedicated Support

Team of expert representatives on call to help you understand and make the most of our platform.

About the Platform’s proprietary self-serve pay-per-call platform allows your law office to control absolutely everything regarding how and when inbound phone calls are received. Your pay-per-call campaign settings may be modified at any time easily.

  • Set a maximum bid for each inbound phone call.
  • Set a minimum call duration threshold required in order for the call to be billed.
  • Set hours and days to receive phone calls.
  • Set a maximum number of phone calls to receive each day.
  • Option to restrict calls by geographic location.
  • Option to record calls in order to improve client satisfaction and employee performance.
  • Analytics platform to see results and gauge ROI at a glance.

Contact to learn more and begin setting up a pay-per-call advertising campaign that is customized for the budget and growth goals of your office.

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