Inbound Real Estate Buyer/Seller Leads

Delivering Local Leads Directly to Your Phone

Pay a Flat Fee for Each Call - No Contracts, No Commitments

Performance Based Inbound Lead Generation For Real Estate Professionals


Real estate agents and brokers are lucky to have many online sources of organic leads. In addition to creating business profiles on popular engines like Yelp and Google Reviews, real estate companies may also utilize platforms such as Zillow, Hotpads, and other real estate sites to get their listings out into the public eye.

But organic growth is limited. If you wish to grow further than what organic channels provide, your company must turn to paid advertising. In the hyper-competitive world of real estate, creating high-ROI online advertising campaigns is easier said than done. When a single click can cost many dollars, there is little room for error if you wish to achieve a satisfactory ROI through your advertising efforts.

Real estate agents, agencies, and brokers may now utilize the power and simplicity of pay-per-call advertising to grow their businesses. Instead of starting from scratch and trying to find potential clients, your company may instead choose to receive inbound phone calls from’s existing advertising campaigns at a fixed cost. We manage everything regarding the online advertisements and bill your agency only for each qualified phone call.

Grow Past Organic Listings With Local Inbound Pay-Per-Call Leads

More Leads Equals More Customers


We find fresh real estate prospects online who need the help of an agency or broker. You just answer the phone.

Real Leads

Honest and compliant ad campaigns from us means real prospects on the other end of the line.

Integrated Localization

Specify days and hours to receive inbound phone calls with the option to restrict calls by city and town.

Complete Control

Set your bid per call and minimum call duration threshold to easily control costs.

Pay Only For Results

No fees. Only pay for qualified phone calls that meet your minimum call duration threshold.

No Contracts

No monthly retainers or commitments. As many or as few phone calls as is appropriate for your organization.

1-Click Customization

Increase or decrease your call volume, call bids, duration threshold, and hours to receive calls instantly with a single click.

Dedicated Support

Team of expert representatives on call to help you understand and make the most of our platform.

About The Platform

Through our self-serve platform, your agency may specify how we advertise for you. If an inbound call falls outside of your selected criteria, you are not billed.

  • Choose cities and towns that your agency has properties available in.
  • Choose whether you would like to receive calls from buyers, sellers, renters, or all three.
  • Set a maximum bid for each inbound phone call.
  • Set a minimum call duration threshold required in order for the call to be billed.
  • Set hours and days to receive phone calls.
  • Set a maximum number of phone calls to receive each day.
  • Option to record calls in order to improve client satisfaction and employee performance.
  • Analytics platform to see results and gauge ROI at a glance.

Pay-per-call is a powerful online advertising solution that can be used alongside organic marketing efforts to fuel real estate growth in a controlled and steady manner. Contact to learn more about our real estate pay-per-call solutions and to begin receiving a new stream of inbound phone calls as soon as tomorrow.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?