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Pay a Flat Fee for Each Call - No Contracts, No Commitments

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Have you tried advertising online for your veterinary practice? If you have, you know it’s complicated! Setting up the advertisements is tricky enough and takes up a lot of your valuable time. Even if you put your heart and soul into your advertising campaigns, you might not get a good ROI. You could even lose money! There’s a big learning curve and a big barrier to entry. For the average veterinary practice, using online advertising can sometimes seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

Until now. Welcome to the simplicity of pay-per-call advertising! Instead of paying for views and clicks, you pay only for results. Instead of creating and managing the online advertisements yourself, we take care of everything.

You are not billed a cent unless we can get a real local pet owner on the other end of the line who needs to bring their pet(s) to the vet!

The Straightforward Online Advertising Solution for Veterinarians

More Leads Equals More Customers


We find auto owners who need a new auto insurance policy. You just answer the phone.

Real Leads

Honest and compliant ad campaigns means real auto insurance prospects on the other end of the line.

No Missed Calls

Specify days and hours to receive inbound phone calls to meet the capacity of your organization.

Complete Control

Set your bid per call and minimum call duration threshold to easily control costs.

Pay Only For Results

No fees. Only pay for qualified phone calls that meet your minimum call duration threshold.

No Contracts

No monthly retainers or commitments. We are proud to earn your business each and every day.

Simple Customization

Flexible campaign settings lets you adjust your project details on the fly.

Dedicated Support

Team of expert representatives on call to help you understand and make the most of our platform.

How It Works

Our pay-per-call platform is self-serve, which means you control exactly how and when we advertise for your veterinary practice.

  • Set a bid for each inbound phone call. You will never pay more than this bid.
  • Set a minimum call duration threshold. You are never billed if an inbound phone call does not meet this threshold.
  • Set cities and towns to receive phone calls from to ensure the pet owners on the other end of the line can realistically become clients of yours.
  • Set hours and days to receive phone calls to meet your hours of operation and staff scheduling.
  • Set a maximum number of phone calls to receive each day to ensure you can handle all of the new business you are receiving.
  • Analyze call data and performance to see results and ROI at a glance.
  • Option to record calls in order to improve client satisfaction and employee performance.

Consider to be your personal advertising, but without all of the fees of a traditional online marketing agency. We’re so confident in our ability to run successful online advertising campaigns for your veterinary practice that we bill you only when we can get potential clients on the phone with you. It’s a win-win!

Get in touch with today to learn more about our pay-per-call solutions. Our team of expert representatives will help you understand exactly how it all works and get you started on your first campaign. There are no minimums, contracts, or commitments when you work with Give us a call today to learn how we can help your practice grow with a customized pay-per-call advertising campaign!

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